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Strata Management

At Mountain Creek Properties Ltd. we work closely with the strata council to ensure that the property is well maintained and managed both physically and financially.

Regular Operations - The following are some of the services provided under our management agreement, which is the standard Agency Agreement copyrighted by the SPABC (Strata Property Agents of British Columbia):

  • Collection of the monthly strata fees, special levies and miscellaneous charges, follow-up on collection of delinquent accounts, and deposit of all funds collected to your strata corporation's account. As a convenience for strata owners, we offer the ability for pre-authorized debits from their bank accounts.
  • Maintain records of, and collect other charges such as parking, fines and arrears when applicable.
  • Payment of invoices. All invoices will be approved and paid on a timely basis. All contracted work is inspected prior to payment.
  • Prepare monthly computerized income and expense statements. The statements provide excellent detail yet are easy to read and understand. Our statements enable you to measure monthly and year-to-date performance against the annual budget.
  • Preparation of the Annual Budget. We will work closely with the strata council in the preparation of an annual budget which meets the objectives of not only the current year's goals, but also the long term goals of the strata corporation.
  • Invest and manage Contingency Reserve Funds in order to maximize their earnings potential in a risk free environment.
  • Attend regular strata council meetings to discuss the ongoing operations of the complex. Very often these meetings can be held by teleconference.
  • Filing of appropriate forms under the Strata Property Act; including Forms B, F, G, H, I and K.
  • Conduct regular site visits to ensure maintenance standards are being met.
  • Dispatch appropriate maintenance and trades people as required.
  • Provide general supervision for maintenance and gardening staff.
  • Handle the tendering and bid process for major repairs and maintenance items, or for special projects.
  • Ensure that all contract items are maintained at as low a level as possible while maintaining standards set in discussion with the Strata council.
  • Ensure compliance of all owners with the rules and bylaws of the complex, at the direction of the Strata council.
  • Prepare notices, agenda and required information of annual general or extraordinary general meetings. Organize meeting times and location.
  • Work with the strata council to plan future requirements for the Strata Corporation's contingency reserve.
  • Other functions as agreed.





Mountain Creek Properties Ltd.
PO Box 249 Invermere, BC 
Canada  V0A 1K0
: 250-341-6003  Fax: 250-341-6009
After hours emergency number:  250-341-6003 dial 9 at the prompt


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