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Residential Management

The services we offer in the management of rental units are as follows:

  • Renting of apartment suites;
  • Screening of new tenants;
  • Collection of monthly rent and arrears. All rents will be deposited into a separate bank account and credited to the individual resident accounts;
  • Monitoring rental rates and putting in rent increases on (a) turnover of tenants and (b) on yearly anniversary dates as the market allows;
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operation of the building;
  • Overseeing the on-site managers of the building, if applicable;
  • Reviewing and paying from the owner's trust account all expenses relating to the operation of the building;
  • Handling tenant disputes;
  • Monitoring closely the incoming and outgoing inspection of suites so that damage, other than normal wear and tear, is charged to the tenant's security deposit rather than incurred by the building;
  • Obtaining quotes and overseeing workmanship on repairs to the building;
  • Preparing monthly operating statements;
  • Other functions as agreed.





Mountain Creek Properties Ltd.
PO Box 249 Invermere, BC 
Canada  V0A 1K0
: 250-341-6003  Fax: 250-341-6009
After hours emergency number:  250-341-6003 dial 9 at the prompt


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