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Mountain Creek Properties Ltd. offers accounting-only services for strata corporations that are interested in a cost effective alternative to full service management and for self-managed strata corporations that find the accounting requirements onerous.  Our knowledgeable accounting staff, managed by a Certified Management Accountant, could provide the following services:

  1. Preparation of accurate monthly financial information, including assistance with the strata budget.
  2. Receivable billing and collections, post AGM mail out information to owners and, if required, AGM information mail.
  3. Payable invoice processing and timely payment to the vendor.
  4. Council approved Reserve Funds GIC investments that are allowed under the Strata Act.
  5. Preparation of Forms F&B for unit sales or remortgaging requests.

This service could also include guidance for compliance with the Strata Property Act by a licensed property manager.

Please contact Dara Allen, General Manager of Mountain Creek Properties Ltd., for a quote on your requirements and any further information you may need. 











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